Frequently Asked Questions
Creating a Patient Portal Account

Why do I need a Patient Portal Account?  The Patient Portal Account is a secure communication environment.  Email is convenient but does not meet healthcare privacy standards.  Through this account you can fill out patient information forms at home, update information, request prescription refills and pay your bill.  We can communicate normal laboratory results to you.

Can you set up my account? No, the account needs to be initiated by the patient.  We are happy to help you either over the phone or at our lobby kiosk.

How long will it take?  Usually the account can be set up in 5-10 minutes.

Will I have to do this every year? No.  We only ask that you review your patient information form each year before your annual visit, make any changes, then resign and redate it.

What information will I need to set-up my account?  Most of the information will be obvious to you (address, birthdate etc) but it is helpful to have your insurance card, your employer's address ( if applicable) and an address and phone number of your preferred local retail pharmacy.

I think I set-up an account in the past but I forgot my user name and/or password, what should I do?  There is a "forgot my user name" and "forgot my password" option on the login screen.  Your user name and password will be emailed to you. 

Can you walk me through the set-up? Sure, here it is step-by-step:

1. Log on to .  On the left side of the screen you will see "Patient Portal."  Click on the first sub-heading "Create an Account."

2. Fill in the information on the screen: name, birthdate (must be in mm/dd/yyyy format), zipcode and email address.  Click on the "Continue" box at the bottom of the screen.

3.  On the next screen, some information will already be filled in for you, but you will need to choose "female", and insert your address and phone numbers.  Please make sure to fill in all areas where an asterisk (*) is present as you will not be able to proceed from this screen if those fields are blank.  You will then be prompted to choose a user id.  You may use your email address as a user id.  If you choose something else, the program may possibly deny it if it has already been chosen by another patient. You will then pick your own password and will be asked to enter it twice.  Next you will choose a "secret question" and you will provide its answer.  Please click both boxes at the bottom indicating that you have read the practice privacy policy and Intuit's privacy policy.  Click on the box at the bottom that says, "Create an Account."

4. If there is any missing information there will be a large yellow exclamation point at the top of the page.  Fix any issues and click on "Create an Account" again.

5. YOU ARE NOT FINISHED!   You will now see a "Welcome, Your Name " in the upper left part of the screen.  You will then be prompted to fill out 2 forms. The first is a patient information form asking for employment information, emergency contact information, pharmacy information and insurance information.  The next for is an "Assignment of Benefits" explaining our office policies for payment and billing of insurance.  Please type your name in the top box and type your name in the bottom box as an electronic signature.  When you are finished click on the "Submit" box.

6.  A large green check mark should come on the next screen with "Thank you for completing our Assignment of Benefits Form."  It should show you a pdf copy of your patient registration and the assignment of benefits form.  You did it!

7. If you are a Medicare patient, please go back to the "Patient Portal" on the main screen and choose "Health Forms."  Please also fill out a Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notice.

8.  If the patient is a minor (under 18 years of age), please go back to the "Patient Portal" on the main screen and choose "Health Forms."  Please also fill out Consent to Treat a Minor.

9. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so tech savvy!